Media Buying Genius [Crackerjack]

Which kind of Brilliant Media Buying Genius for E-commerce DTC Brands are you?


Are you a crackerjack Media Buying Genius?

  • Q1. Have you already mastered the technical side of media buying (facebook, instagram, tiktok, snapchat etc.)?
    Answer: X
    Answer: O
  • Q2. Are you execution-driven and also super passionate about marketing & eCommerce?
    Answer: X
    Answer: O
  • Q3. Do you describe yourself as someone who is always thinking outside the box & finding out of this world solutions to all kinds of problems in terms of ad buying, growth, and accelerating performance?
    Answer: X
    Answer: O
  • Q4. Are you always « Ace »-ing strategy development and implementation that DTC brands love you!?
    Answer: X
    Answer: O
  • Q5. Do you have several years of experience in successful execution in Media Buying?
    Answer: X
    Answer: O
  • Q6. Have you already Managed successful Ad campaigns with over $150,000 spend?
    Answer: X
    Answer: O

If you answered X (Yes) to all of the questions above, click on Apply now or fill up this form  HERE!

We already know you are awesome! So we listed some of your ‘Einstein skills’ we need here:

  • You are highly organised with keen attention to detail (it needs to be second nature to you);
  • You are an excellent communicator, reliable and trustworthy always wanting to learn and grow with your team
  • You have experience in an e-commerce/startup dynamic environment, and Fluency in French is a plus!
  • You are naturally gifted and performance-driven, a creative problem solver with a passion for social media marketing and a keen interest in data and analysis. The goal here is to optimise Ad exposure and outdo competition while staying within budgets!
  • Have a can-do mindset- meaning you take a lot of initiatives, self-starter, flexible and proactive
  • You have autonomy and confidence in working remotely
  • Familiar with processes like briefing, creative testing, working with copywriting teams, etc.
  • You have a hunger to learn more and master your Media Buying genius techniques and performance marketing principles;
  • You are always testing and asking why the ad did or did not work and base your answers with the actual data;
  • You have a high capacity to lead growth efforts, and improve the performance of paid ad campaigns across channels;
  • You describe yourself as someone very skilled in developing and implementing strategies to accelerate that growth;
  • You have a passion for Media Buying and do you feel like paid « social Ad » is your daily « dose of caffeine »

What’s in it for you?

  • Unlimited growth opportunities at full speed with a group of smart and like-minded people;
  • Access to paid learning which includes training on other marketing channels, private masterminds/masterclasses,
  • Fully remote & fully flexible working schedule;
  • Competitive salary and annual bonuses
  • Paid annual team meet-ups (Paris? Bali? You name it! *sending world-trotter vibes here)
  • Starter pack & survival kits!
  • Gym allowance (yes, we love to stay on the move!), and private health insurance allowance.

In case you missed the Apply link above, here they are! Join us, Einstein, we WANT you!

If you identify with Crackerjack Media Buyer Genius fill out « this form » to complete your application!


If not, you are probably a « Greenhorn Media Buyer Genius in the making », we want you just the same!


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