Influence Marketing Manager-slash-Yoda

Who you are:

  • With your wisdom, intelligence, and skills, you are an enviable influencer’s marketing coordinator who masters clear-cut communication and negotiation with influencers and agencies.
    Your powers are highly sought-after in managing the end-to-end operations of our brands’ influencer marketing campaigns and the pillar for the team’s influencers and partner brands.
  • Whether it’s taking the lead in strategy development and research, keeping the relationship fresh, or responding to their questions about a specific campaign, you’ve got the answer to everything!
  • You are ‘formidable’ as you have super-strong dedication and communication skills in making sure that influencers are receiving thorough information and feedback whilst ensuring that the campaigns are performing and exceeding expectations!

With the FORCE, you are a master at…

  • Devising and implementing strategies for our brands
  • Communicating with influencers and agencies to make sure everything is aligned with the objectives of the brands
  • Working together with the team to create impacting and amazing scripts to have high-quality content on social media
  • Take pride in writing outreach email templates that you can use for your campaign
  • Always being present and responsive to assist when the influencer is creating content for guidance or a creative push in the right direction
  • Being in constant contact with your partners and stakeholders involved to keep campaigns moving forward – the Yoda way!
  • Developing and implementing strategies that will lead to high performance for the brands
  • Taking the lead in researching relevant industry experts, competitors, target audiences, and users
  • Keeping up with the latest trends on social media and within the influencer community
  • Coaching the team and our clients with regard to successful strategies execution

Requirements, you say?

« Do or do not. There is no try. » -The Original Master Yoda

  • You are highly organised with keen attention to detail (it needs to be second nature to you);
  • You are an excellent communicator, reliable and trustworthy negotiator
  • Able to handle constructive criticism & welcome it because you value personal growth;
  • You take ownership of projects & use common sense to make the right decisions;
  • Have an entrepreneurial mindset which translates to your resourcefulness, flexibility, and out of the box thinking;
  • Work well with computers, software tools, and for you, it’s literally ‘no-sweat’ in learning new ones!
  • Expert at Microsoft Excel, proficient with Asana, e-commerce tools (e.g.Shopify,Cubyn), Google Suites, Slack, Zoom etc.
  • You have experience in an e-commerce/startup environment, and Fluency in French or German is a plus!

Rewards you like, we provide!

  • Unlimited growth opportunities at full speed with a group of smart and like-minded people;
  • Access to paid learning which includes training on other marketing channels, private masterminds/masterclasses,
  • Fully remote & fully flexible working schedule;
  • Competitive salary and annual bonuses
  • Paid annual team meet-ups (Paris? Bali? You name it!)
  • Starter pack & survival kits!
  • Gym allowance (yes, we love to stay on the move!), and private health insurance allowance.

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