E-commerce Manager a.k.a Ecom Jedi

Who you are:

  • You are a highly dependable e-commerce Jedi knight expert in managing the entire ecosystem of e-commerce brands while dealing with the ever-challenging day-to-day planning, management, and development of platforms and global marketplaces.
  • Your supernatural feats include daily management of our e-commerce platforms, ensuring we achieve our key targets (e.g. operating expenses and revenue) through implementing strategies that improve conversion rates and other relevant metrics.

Using THE FORCE, you are a master at…

  • Taking our DTC brands to the next level by managing their entire e-commerce ecosystem from content displays (CTAs, marketing automation, and personalisations for the brands) to generate leads as you continuously develop strategies
  • You take control of specific traffic action plans and roadmaps while working closely with other key performing departments in our team (Paid Media, Influence Marketing, and Creatives)
  • Incorporating best practices in overseeing the Design and Development of our brands’ websites and other e-commerce platforms
  • Collecting data, monitoring and analysing the needs of the target markets to best meet their needs, and implementing processes needed to ensure efficient deployment of products in these markets
  • Monitoring the web analytics and internal data sources
  • Analysing performance and thinking of various innovative e-commerce growth strategies (e.g. optimisation of displays, formats, work tools used by the team, and so on…)
  • Being the guardian of the « e-commerce galaxy » as you develop SEO/PPC Strategy/Marketing Plans, Schedules, Timescales, and budgets for our brands

Requirements, you say?

We already know you are awesome! So we listed some of your ‘Jedi skills’ we need here:

  • High aptitude for learning and self-motivation to master your tools and upgrade your skills set in the e-commerce
  • Extremely organised (it needs to be second nature to you) and meticulous attention to details
  • Ability to combine broad technical /analytical skills with good business understanding
  • Solid experience in marketing and/or e-commerce or are willing to grow yourself in this field
  • Native in French and fluent in English
  • Ecommerce platforms experts and Shopify Know-How
  • Exceptional data management and analytical skills

Your Rewards

  • Unlimited growth opportunities at full speed with a group of smart and like-minded people;
  • Access to paid learning which includes training on other marketing channels, private masterminds/masterclasses,
  • Fully remote & fully flexible working schedule;
  • Competitive salary and annual bonuses
  • Paid annual team meet-ups (Paris? Bali? You name it!)
  • Starter pack & survival kits!
  • Gym allowance (yes, we love to stay on the move!), and private health insurance allowance.
Are you up for the challenge? Buckle up and join us NOW! May the FORCE be with you!

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